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On his monthly radio program Pm. Modi starts today talking about the successful launching of Chandrayan-2. Chandrayan -2 launched to the moon to the analysis of various things on 22 July 2019 on its second attempt .first attempt was 15 July 2019.


Today, in his radio address, he praised the hard work by the scientists at the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

“The way our scientists corrected all the technical issues one by one in record time and launched Chandrayaan 2, it is unprecedented in itself. This great feat of our scientists has been seen by the whole world.

Chandrayaan 2, billed as ISRO’s most complex and prestigious mission, will make India the fourth country to soft land a rover on the lunar surface after Russia, US and China. According to the space agency, on the day of landing – estimated on September 7 – the lander Vikram will separate from the Orbiter and then perform a series of complex manoeuvres.

We all should be proud of this,” PM Modi said. Despite the “delay in the launch”, he added, “it is surprising for many people that landing time hasn’t changed”.

Modi said that “community efforts undertaken towards water conservation have been a great sign .

The year 2019 has been a good one for Indian space and science, Modi said. 

In his address, he touched upon his pet Swachh Bharat project, citing instances of people going to great lengths to make the dream of clean India a reality. 

India is now eagerly waiting for September — when Lander Vikram & Rover Pragyan land on the lunar surface, the PM said. 

The Prime Minister invited students to participate in a quiz competition and get an opportunity to visit Sriharikota, the spaceport where all of India’s space endeavours are launched from. 

Modi also prodded the nation to focus on a future of ‘waste to wealth’. 

This was the second episode of Mann Ki Baat after PM Modi was elected for a second term with a huge majority in the national elections.

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